I need 1 PC on my network to use WAN2 only

I have 2 WAN connections, WAN1 is cable WAN2 is fibre. I have an outbound policy for any source to any destination, to our overflow with WAN1 as primary and WAN2 as secondary which seems to work.

I want my desktop PC to only ever use WAN2. So I made another outbound policy, putting my network card MAC address as the source, with any as destination, then picked Enforced and picked WAN2. I made sure it was higher up on the list than my existing outbound policy. However my connection is still on WAN1 (if I google who is my ISP, it says it’s the ISP for WAN2, but speedtest.net and every other site says it’s WAN1 and shows the IP for WAN1). I then changed it and put source as the IP of my desktop, but same thing, speedtest.net says it’s WAN1 and the speeds test at WAN1 speeds. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong or how to force my desktop to only use WAN2? Thanks!

You’re not doing anything obviously wrong. Post a screenshot of your outbound rules for a sanity check.

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Sure thing, I posted a few on imagur here:

Wierd. Nothing wrong there that I can see. You might need to log a ticket to get engineering to take a closer look…

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I figured it out, we have Google Wifi also connected as the main router to the Peplink as I’m just testing the Peplink still. If I plug the desktop into the Peplink directly, then it does use WAN2 always, but when it goes through the Google Wifi’s ethernet, it doesn’t. Noticed that if I try to connect to VPN as well this way it won’t work (my desktop connecting to an OVH VPN server), but if I go through the Peplink directly it does work. So seems like the issue is from dual NAT or whatever it is.

One thing I forgot to mention though, when I took out WAN2 as a test, the PC never works since it seems like even during an outage it is enforced to stay on WAN2. Is it possible to have it use WAN2 always but if it’s offline then still use WAN1?

Glad you worked it out. If you’re going through Google WiFI then the only IP and MAC address the Peplink sees is the Google WiFI controller / AP. You can put google wif into bridge mode but not if you’re using mesh. https://support.google.com/wifi/answer/6240987?hl=en

You want the priority algorithm for your PC with WAN2 highest priority. If will only use WAN2 if it is available then failover to WAN1 if it is not.

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Thanks yeah looks like bridge mode with no mesh makes it less worth it, so I’ll try swapping them out and move to Peplink APs and see how that goes.

Thanks for the tip on priority, I’ll change that over right away. I really appreciate all your help!

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