I having problems with the captive portal

I am having problems with the captive portal administration.
The Splash page is not shown when the user come back to singed in.
Please help!


  1. Are you using latest firmware version? If not please download here.

  2. Can you share the Captive Portal settings?

These are the settings.

This is the process needed


  1. May I know how many SSID you have defined in InControl2?

  2. Each SSID also assign to different VLAN?

  1. Just one.
    2 Yes it is.


  1. Have you made any changes on InControl2 Captive Portal before this problem occurred?

  2. Please open ticket for us to take closer look if problem persist.

Yes, I made some changes and reboot the router.


I am doing internal test to replicate your problem. I will revert if any finding.

Hi, today I tried to connect to the wi-fi and did not work, no splash page and no internet access, I have to reboot the system to operate.

I still having problems with the mobiles devices.

Right now the router is of line. And the only way to reset it is directly in it.


I noticed you have opened a ticket for the similar case. We will follow up your case in ticket since we have better visibility there.

Thank you.

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