I cannot access my Peplink via InControl2

I set up my peplink on-site and made the mistake of connecting it to the hotel wifi network and now I cannot access it to control/bond wifi. The issue I am having now is that it says cellular is active, but it is offline when I view InControl 2. I believe it may be using the IP of the hotel, but not actively bonding to it

I also cannot access it via offline IP either. It is still using the IP of the hotel wifi or cellular data plan, so I cannot just connect to it via Instead it has a 70.xx.xx.xx IP. I have tried setting my IP similarly, but I am blocked by firewall issues.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to reset just the device’s IP address?

Hi PinMqason,

Initially could you confirm which is the reference of your device and what happens when you connect to the LAN port? Have you tried power cycling and / or resetting it to factory settings?