I can ping but not reach devices over pepVPN



I have 2 peplinks (HD4 and Maxonthego) connected via pepVPN to a 3rd peplink (balance 380).

I am connected as a remote user via L2TP to the balance 380.

I stream a video via a device behind the HD4, over the pepVPN to a device after the 380. P2P.

As a remote user (mac) in can ping and see devices in the 380 network.

As a remote user (mac) I cannot ping or see the “remote” routers or devices.

There are no VLAN’s.
Pepvpn is without NAT.

This used to work out of the box; So I must be doing something wrong.

Help appreciated,



Do you “enable send all traffics” for the L2TP client settings ? Suspect the traffics is not send via the L2TP tunnel.