I can not assigne a VLAN to a LAN Port

Hi, can any tell me why i can not see multible options (port type and Vlan ) in Port setting page, i have peplink 580 firmware 6.3.1

Do you have VLANs setup on this Balance?

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Hi Martin,
Yes I have created another tagged vlan, however when trying to specify that this vlan should be forwarded from LAN port 2, I can’t see the options in Port settings page to specify these settings,

Do you think upgrading the firmware would solve the issue,
Or it has another workaround,

Thanks in advance

What hw version is the B580 (it should show that on the status page).

It’s 3 ,

@TK_Liew or @sitloongs might have some ideas…

The firmware is too old :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Please upgrade the device using latest firmware and you should able to see the option