I can not access to router web admin via WAN (Pepwave MAX On-The-Go) any idea?

hi, I need help for remote connection. I try connect to router 4G via WAN, but it´s not possible.

My configuration is the next:

USB 2: Huawei Modem 4g. Connection established. Status Ok connection. 3G ORANGE
USB 3: Huawei Modem 4g. Connection established. Status Ok connection. LTE Vodafone

I have enable:

  • Web admin access -> LAN/WAN - HTPP/HTTPS - PORT 80 / 443 respectively
  • WAN Connection Access Settings-> Allowed Source IP Subnets: Any and Allowed WAN IP Address(es): all (enable including 2-Orange and 3-Vodafone)
  • Also i have enable incontrol2 management. My unique posibility of remote conection with this router.

I try access with Chrome to web admin via IP WAN but not have connection. “Ping” does not work on the ip wan (no ping about ip orange, no ping about ip vodafone).

Why is blocked the access via wan connection router?? any idea?


You are getting public or private IP on USB2 and USB3?

If you are getting private IP for both, access via InControl2 is the most easiest way. Unless your ISP can help to do Port Forwarding.

If you are getting public IP, please get help from your ISP to unblock TCP 80 and TCP 443.