HTTPS Traffic using Least Used Algorithm in outbound policy

hi anyone got try use the “Least use” algorithm in outbound policy for HTTPS traffic?
Not sure if I using this algorithm will cause any impact when users browsing the those https website or not?

A single user would change IP addresses for outbound HTTPS traffic. The HTTPS persistence rule by default keeps them on the same WAN to prevent problems.

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hi ron, in this case, if I use the persistence, will still able to load balance the https traffic right? If I got 2 WAN link want to load balance each and others, will it cause any issues?

base on the peplink description as below, where peplink will auto load balance the HTTPS traffic base on the WAN downstream bandwidth size that we set, if WAN 1 is 50mbps, WAN 2 is 16 mbps , how is the traffic will be load balance across the peplink?

"quote from peplink"
The default mode is By Source. When there are multiple client requests, they can be distributed (persistently) to WAN connections with a weight. If you choose Auto in Load Distribution, the weights will be automatically adjusted according to each WAN’s Downstream Bandwidth which is specified in the WAN settings page). If you choose Custom, you can customize the weight of each WAN manually by using the sliders.


HTTPS mostly use for secure websites (Example: Banking websites) . Most of the secure websites doesn’t allow load balancing. The default HTTPS persistent rule is defined to make sure the same client (source IP) will use the same WAN to maintain the persistency.

Example HTTPS persistent is require:

  • Client login to banking website using WAN1
  • After client successful login to banking website, sequence connections will load balance to WAN2.
  • Banking site may kick out the login session as multiple WAN IP is access to the sites

Outbound policy is feasible in the sense we can define any outbound algorithm for HTTPS protocol. The main concerns here is that most of HTTPS servers doesn’t not allow the load balancing and this will cause problem when user access those HTTPS sites.

HTTPS persistence rule with “auto” Load Distribution will load balance different source IP address using different WANs base on the weigh calculated from the Downstream Bandwidth for the WANs. For your case, you can assume 5 clients assigned for WAN1 and 1.6 clients will assigned using WAN2.

Hope the above explained your concerns.

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