Https port forwarding (443) for Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access working for one internet supplier, but not for the other


Hi there,

We have one Peplink Balance 380, HW version 1, firmware 6.2.2.

On this B380 we have 2 WAN connections from 2 different suppliers using different technologies (fiber and cable), both with fixed IP address.

Behind this B380 we do have one Microsoft Server 2008 with Microsoft Exchange working as Mail Server. This is working fine, however for remote access we do use the embeded Outlook Web Access (OWA) with a self signed https.

The main issue is that this is working just fine with the fix IP address of one of the suppliers (Cable), but not with the other supplier (Fiber).

We already performed several tests with the supplier, including setting the if IP address in a PC connected directly in the router of the supplier and using Wireshark we are able to see the requests for port 443 reaching to wireshark. This should mean that the https trafic is crossing the supplier’s router and should be reaching B380, but from there it doesn’t reach the OWA…

I already checked and recheacked the inbound roules and I can’t find the reason why this is happening. Both inbound roules for both WAn are exactly configured the same way, and so, if it is working OK for one WAN, it should also be working the same way for the second WAN, but it is not…

Any suggestions?

Thank you Very Much

Nuno Olivença



First of all, i would say that you are using a retired model B380 HW1 ( Release 2007) and having a very old firmware version 6.2.2.

Base on the description given, suspect that this may related to the firmware bug that should be fixed for newer firmware.

Seem you had confirmed with your supplier, don’t think you can do much more things on it, provided you can refresh your old device with newer hardware & firmware.


Thank you very much.

In the meantime, I moved the WAn conection from WAN1 to WAN3 and it is working fine.

Don’t know if this is due to some hardware or software issue, but as you said, this is aready an old, retired model… But still working.

Never the less, I should start thinking about replacing it, as we do have 2x 1GB WAN connections that this B380 is not able to handle (on this model, all WAN connections are 10/100).

In all the rest, we are very happy with this B380.