HTTPS issues on HD4

Hi Peplink.

We have been using the HD4 sins monday with no issues.
Then last night at 22.00 all peaple on the Vessel had issues connection to websites using https and Outlook email (Company exchange)

A restart of the HD4 fixed the problem but throug out today we the problems have returned and we have had to restart the system over and over for it to Work.

Can you digin to the system and see why this happens. We have tried to run on the Vsat connection only and this did not fix the problem. so it seams that the problem is on all connections of the HD

I have added the syslog file.

Please open a support ticket for further investigation:

Is the vessel stationary in port or at sea?
I’m thinking regular IP address changes could be an issue with HTTPS
Running on your VSAT has (probably) proved this to not be the case but how long did you run on the VSAT?