How to? Weather camera and VPN

So, I put up a simple IP camera to use as a weather camera, looking out at our pond here in rural Maine. Now, I want to share it on the web. It seems that if I just open up a port or two all manner of horrible things will befall my network, so that’s out. But, I still want to be able to put the feed onto a website so a few friends, or some curious unknown person I’ll never meet, can see it, without logging in to my network, etc.

I’m guessing that I can use the magic of VPNs to do this securely somehow, but I’ve no idea exactly how that would work. Has some kind soul here already addressed this, in a post I haven’t found by searching, or would someone be able and willing to point me in the right direction? If so, thanks in advance for that. If it helps, I have a Balance30LTE and I use SpeedFusion Cloud to stabilize my Starlink connection (bonded to a local WISP).