How to upload use specific connections, while download using others?


I have a Peplink 310 and I’m trying to create an outbound rule that will allow me to use specific internet connections (2 and 3) to upload content to one domain, without affecting the download.

I created the following rule:

This indeed allows me to upload content to using those specific connections. Great. However, I noticed that this also affects the download, which is not what I want. By applying that outbound rule, not only uploads but also downloads are happening using internet connections 2 and 3.

Any ideas? Please keep in mind all uploads and downloads happen via HTTPS, not FTP.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Helder, the Internet does not work this way. When an outbound session is established over a certain WAN connection then the return traffic will always come back on the same WAN connection.

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Hi, Tim.

Thanks for your response. I’m not sure I understand it though…

We’re talking about completely different sessions here. Let’s say computer A is uploading to a server, according to rule “A”. Now, let’s say I want computer B to download something from that same server, following a different “B”. That should be possible, in theory, with different rules, right?

Am I missing something?


If you want a specific computer or device to use a certain WAN then you could just create a new rule and use the source IP of that device.

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Thanks again for your answer. I’m aware that I can specify a WAN for a particular IP. What is not clear to me is whether I can specify one WAN for the upload and a different one for download, for the same source or destination IP.

Can you help me clarify that, please?

I appreciate your help. Thanks!


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Your request can be achieve if upload and download are using defferent ports. For example upload using port 21 (FTP), download using port 80.

If upload and download are using same port (e.g. FTP), there is no way to achieve and not make sense. To be clear, you can’t tell remote server to listen on FTP port with incoming IP (e.g. WAN1 IP) and return FTP request to IP (e.g. WAN2 IP) for same session.

Hope this help.

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As TK explained, pretend you were a random server on the Internet and you received a request from a WAN IP of to download a file or web page. How could the server possibly know to send it to a totally different IP address of

Hope this helps.

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Did you find any solution regarding your request? Im also needs the same thing, ONLY uploading on a Wan X and ONLY downloading on a different Wan, any solution peplink team? Thanks

Hi Moses - Welcome to the forum!

You can set traffic direction per WAN link inside of a Speedfusion tunnel - but as Tim says above you can not do this outside of Speedfusion / direct to the internet.

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