How to tether peplink supported 3g/4g LTE USB modem Mifi 5510L to Balance One?

I am trying to tether my Mifi 5510L to Balance one. This modem is officially supported in Peplink website but I cannot get it working even it shows ‘connected’ with ip address ‘’

Then I read the following link. I have two questions:

  1. Could you please confirm the discussion below is correct?
  2. Is there any official help documents on this? Since my modem is officially supported, I expected a more smooth process instead of have to google and find out the answer myself.


In order to connect the MiFi to your Peplink/Pepwave router you’ll need to change the default IP address of the unit. Typically the factory address is either (Pepwave Max/Surf SOHO), (Peplink Balance), or (Pepwave Surf On the Go) and both the username/password are “admin” by default. After logged into the router please follow these steps*:

  1. Click on “Network” and select “Basic Settings”
  2. Under “IP Settings” change the routers IP to or something similar - The router can not use a (192.) IP range.
  3. Under “DHCP server settings” change the IP range to something like ( - We recommend starting the DHCP range at (.10) to avoid IP conflicts with the 4620L or 5510L
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save
  5. After saving the settings scroll to the top of the page and click “Apply Changes” on the upper right side of the screen
  6. Plug the MiFi into your Peplink Balance or Pepwave Max/Surf router and it will connect to your router. Please note -
    If you haven’t setup a USB device on the Peplink Balance routers first you may need to configure the USB device through the Setup Wizard before it will connect

*The Surf On the Go instructions slightly differ. If you need assistance, and you purchased your Surf from, contact our support department (866-347-8673 ext. 3)

If you are using the default LAN IP of on the Balance One then yes you would need to change that to something different.

Thank you very much for your reply. It answered my first question.

So how about the second one, i.e. is there any online official help documents on this topic considering the 4g/3g lte usb modem is officially supported? Thanks.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your sharing on this -, 4G/5G Routers, Antennas, Boosters, WiFi, IP Switches. Anyway since this is a plug and play feature which only required minimal effort.

For your case , just avoid same subnet between LAN and WAN will do.