How to set up Peplink QoS, and what is its capability?

QoS is used to allocate bandwidth and prioritize applications to individuals and to groups of users.

User Groups

On select models, you can define user groups by IP and subnet. Bandwidth controls and application priority can then be applied according to user groups.

By Bandwidth

Bandwidth reservation per user group under full load
Defines how much minimum bandwidth will be reserved to each user group when a WAN connection is in full load.

Per user group bandwidth control
Gives fine-grained control over download and upload rate limits to groups of users.

By Applications and Protocols

QoS recognizes certain application protocols, for example, in the Audio Video Streaming category, there is:

It is possible to pick entire categories such as “All Supported Streaming Applications”, or pick a certain Application within the category, such as HTML5 only.

Then adjust the priority for each user group:

For applications that do not belong to a particular category, it is possible to define a custom application, its protocol and ranges (i.e. TCP 2-22) or assign DSCP values.

Remember to click Save and Apply Changes.

Resulting setup:

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Does QOS Group Bandwidth Reservation work in conjunction with speedfusion?
(If a Balance router is set to send all traffic over a speedfusion link to a fusionhub, can QOS Group Bandwidth Reservation be used on that Balance Router?)

Also, in the above example where QOS Group Bandwidth Reservation is enabled and set
25% manager
70% staff
5% guest

If you download a single 1GB test file from the same remote source to

  1. a computer in the staff group, and
    2.) a computer in the guest group
    at the same time (concurrently), would you expect the transfer speed of that file to be faster downloading to the computer in the staff group than the computer in the guest group?

I tried setting exactly as in this graphic.
Total available bandwidth was ~25 mbps download speed, 1.5 mbps upload speed.
A laptop in group “guest” did a windows 10 update which was approx 4 GB. It downloaded at around 20-24 mbps.
Meanwhile, running a speedtest with a laptop in group “staff” which was set to 70% bandwidth speedtested at 1 mbps download speed.

Is there a way to use the Group Bandwidth Reservation with speedfusion active?

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Normally you have to segment the network into vlans and set that or else each network is just combined into each other. So you set a guest vlan, and 2 others for each network and tag the respective ports on the router. Then you connect a switch to each or you have to configure the trunk to 1 switch to allow all 3 vlans across them tag each port on the switch to their respective networks. Port 24 on a switch is uplink as example. Trunk that then all all 3 vlans. Look up online how to tag and truck a switch for multiple vlans. That’s usually when the rules you set come into play. The other two ways you can do it based off subnet or MAC address or IP address but again you would either have to reserve the IP‘s of the devices that I’ve already obtained them or set the MAC address of the devices in the device list do you want to have which percentage.