How to set antenna to external? Pepwave Max Br1 Mini

Hi, I’ve just screwed in a poynting mimo antennas and I wasn’t sure if I have to change a setting somewhere in the Pepwave webadmin aswell? I have the pepwave max br1 mini cat 6 modem. Where is this setting or is there not one?


Hi. There is no such setting as there isn’t an internal provided or optional. A router such as the SOHO has one because one can use the internal antenna – not so with the model to which you refer. Just connect the Poynting to the SMA jacks.

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Okay thanks. Now in settings it shows Band and Secondary Band. Should I only use one band or both?

Right now I’m just struggling with finding where the cell tower is. Going to use the compass app on my phone to try and dial it in.

An LTE-A connection will use a secondary band (which now shows as of the latest modem firmware) to improve performance.

No. Leave it alone. Your Pepwave is doing “good things” – just like the manufacturer intended. The benefits yielded are typically greater throughput and increased reliability.

As to your comment about the location of the cel tower: In general cel systems are designed so one need NOT know the location of any particular tower. The only reason you’d really need to know if if you bought a directional antenna. But, we’d never recommend doing that if an omni would work.


What antenna are you using?

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fyi carrier aggregation works with even a single antenna (non-mimo setup). the second antenna is primarily going to help with download speed and will not increase upload speed. dont restrict any bands until you do a full site survey and know that there is a band that presents an issue and the peplink likes to lock onto it. usually leaving things auto is best.