How to set a fixed IP address for a device on SOHO MK3

I want to limit my router’s admin login to a specific IP address. I have connected via a wired connection on the LAN1 port twice now, and when reviewing the Client List under Status, I can see I had 2 different IP Addresses in 2 days.

My fear is that, if I restrict my access to just my PC and then my IP address changes, I’ll be unable to access the admin interface. I think I did this with a DHCP Reservation, but I want to make sure I’m on the right track.

Also, how do I make a VLAN that has no wireless access, just LAN port access? I think that when I create a VLAN, I want it to have the default router IP address, but my untagged LAN already uses that one. Do I switch them?

I tried to make all of the ethernet ports Access instead of Trunk and associated them with one VLAN (like below) that had no SSID and was the one my admin interface LAN required, but now I can’t connect anymore.

Thanks, in advance!

We restrict by Vlan, not by IP address. Please find the screenshot below. You must have 2 Vlans to accomplish this.

This is simple. Just don’t associate the unwanted Vlan to the SSID. For example, you want to make Untagged Vlan has no wireless access. Ensure the the LAN port of MK3 configured as Trunk Any, Ensure the AP that connected to this LAN port never associate Untagged Vlan to any SSID.