How to prioritize Cellular #1 connection over #2

2 sims 2 providers, assume signal strength varies. One sim has a higher data allocation and i want to use that first, until signal threshold drops then seitch to the other sim. How can I force the device to primarily ue the sim i specify?

On multi-sim devices you have a lot of control to do exactly that eg:

  1. Use both Sims (Sim A preference)
  2. If on SIM B for longer than 30mins, swap back to the preferred SIM and check for connectivity.
  3. Only connect using the current SIM if the signal level is at a certain level

thanks. i didnt recall seeing this setting in the console. i will check again when i get the unit re-installed.

This solution isnt what I was thinking. I want to prioritize Cellular 1 over Cellular 2. Reason being is there is greater data cap available on #1 than #2. #2 needs to be the “failover” connection only when #1 get a below threshold signal.

That is what my screenshot above shows.

  1. Use both SIMs - prefer SIM A
  2. If SIM B is in use test Sim A periodically to see if signal has improved - if it has switch back to Sim A
  3. Minimum Signal threshold set. Any less than that check the other SIM.

I see you post a lot and wanted to share final direction from Support. I have 2 cell providers, so 2 different SIMs in the slot A in the the 2 cellular ports. There are no SIMs in slots B. To force more traffic to a provider (eg cellular #1 vs #2) I had to setup a “rule” in the Advanced tab. The rule is a “distribution” where I specified 90% of the traffic goes to cell 1 and 10% to cell 2. By monitoring real time traffic it seems to work. I need to experiment more to see what happens if cell 1 provider plan runs out of data. cell 2 ran out so I wait… If this all makes sense and you have any further information about load distributing I would appreciate learning more!

Thanks for the follow up.
I mistook your question as a single cellular modem with two SIMs instead of a two SIMs in two different modems question.

So weighted balance makes sense in this case.

This depends on the operator. Some disconnect you completely, some rate limit the connection, others intercept all web requests and redirect you to a captive portal page to buy more data.

What you want is a healthcheck failure when the primary has run out of data, then your weighted balance rule with just a single healthy connection means that all traffic is sent via that single healthy link. When you allowance refreshes, there will be data again, the primary link’s health check will go green and the weighted balance will continue.

Interesting! On a single-modem model, does this feature cause a connection dropout? I would assume that the modem has to stop connecting to SIM A in oder to determine if signal is available on SIM B. How long does this usually take?

Yes it does.

2-3mins in general.