How to move AP One AX under fusion license from one group to another

I had established a newly acquired AP One AX has AP for one established group within an organization. It and a SURF SOHO (under extended warranty) were under a fusion hub pep VPN configuration in that group with a BR1 MK2 also under prime care. I

have physically removed both the SURF SOHO and AP One AX from that group and now have them physically located in another already established group within the same organization.

How can I remove them from the VPN configuration of the first group so that they can be established as part of the policy for the 2d group? InControl 2 web based control will not let me release them, remove them, nor move them.

I realized I just needed to delete the entire VPN endpoint of the first group. Will see if I can reconstitute the VPN between the two.