How to know if GPS antenna is connected or not?


Hi all

is there a way to know if the GPS antenna is connected to the device? I mean from remote :slight_smile:



Easiest way to tell would be by logging into it to see if it’s getting GPS. Or through IC2 to see if it’s displayed.



thank you for your answer… I rephrase my question… let’s say I have a tech guy which has to install the device… when he does the job there’s no SIM in the device (it will be inserted by the customer), so there’s no WAN connection… is there any diagnostic command (even a CLI one) to check if everything is working as expected?

hope now it is clearer…




By default if GPS antenna is installed for the device and GPS signal is detected, WebAdmin dashboard for the device will display the Location map. For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot.

Else, you can consider enable GPS Forwarding for the device to forward the GPS location info to your local server.

Thank You