How to Isolate 1st Device to 3rd in Mesh VPN Network

Hi team,
Here I am facing an issue related to PepVPN.

We have three Balance One Core at three different locations, they are connected via PepVPN in Mesh scenario.
Like – Site A connected to site B and Site B is connected to Site C.

now we can easily ping Site C from Site A.

Is it possible to isolate Site A to Site C or vice-versa.

Please provide any possible solution.

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You can control traffic between sites by using the internal firewall rules to block specific traffic.

If you just want to prevent certain sites seeing routes to other sites you can use the pepvpn isolation feature found in the OSPF and RIP settings screen.


Thanks James,

Your suggestion is helpful
But I want to fully block inter-PepVPN traffics,
So please guide me how to configure Firewall in my case.


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Hi Kumar,

you can try this