How to get individual WANs out the the HD2 Dome

I’d like to get the individual cellular WANs out of the HD2 Dome so I can connect them to the Balance Router to use in Speed Fusion Cloud (SFC) with another WAN connection connected to the Balance. How can I do this?

  1. Create another VLAN on the HD2 Dome - different subnet, dhcp enabled (if you like) eg VLAN 51
  2. Create outbound policy for the first vlan ( that sends all traffic via cell1
  3. Create an outbound policy for the 2nd vlan ( that sends all traffic via Cell2.
  4. Plug the HD2 Dome into a managed switch, set a port on the switch to be an access port for the new vlan you created (VID 51).
  5. Plug WAN1 into the managed switch, plug WAN2 into the access port for the 2nd vlan.
  6. The balance router will now have two active WANS with different subnets using seperate modems on the HD2 Dome. .

You are WAY too smart for me. :slight_smile:

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