How to daisy chain 2 Max Transit Duo


Is it possible to connect 2 transit duos together using 1 as WAN connection? So, connect the 1st peplink LAN to WAN on the second peplink?


Yes it is.

Thanks Martin…when I connect the 2 peplinks, my Incontrol dashboard status reads “WAN failed DNS test”.

Can you walk me through how to properly configure this setup?

Lets give them names. The primary Transit is going to be the default gateway on your network.
The secondary is going to be the one on the WAN of the primary.

Plug them together, the LAN of the Secondary into the WAN of the primary. If you have done that and are getting a DNS health check failure click on the details button next to the WAN on the Primary and manually set the DNS to use google DNS servers as a test:

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Thanks Martin! Was able to connect successfully

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