How to Connect Surf and Go with TP Link Directional antenna

Hello Folks. I have a Surf and Go SUS-807D-7542 and a TP- LInk TL-Ant2414A directional antenna.

Looking for advice on the best way and correct cables/adapters to connect the two together.

The goal is to use at RV parks; pointing the directional antenna to the camps wifi source and amplify it in our RV.

Any advice and recomendations is appreciated. Blessings.

Here’s the data sheet for your product —> . The antenna connector is called out for you. So, it’s just a matter of procuring a suitable 50 Ohm coax cable between the SOTG and your antenna. In general, adapters should be avoided – except you may want to use a short flexible jumper between transmission line (if you use a stuff, low-ish loss, type e.g., LMR400) and the SOTG.

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Hi Rick.

Thank you for taking the time out to reply

So instead of screwing in the SOTG antenna in back of the device, just connect a 50 Ohm coax cable from the antenna to the SOTG?

“Theoretically” that’s correct. However (and this is important), I must say we do not own any SOTGs and have never sold one. I’m not sure of the architecture. It would seem that the LAN and WAN signals are duplexed on the same antenna. If you’re using wi-fi LAN and you point your panel antenna toward the WAN AP you may not have the coverage you want on the LAN side.

Obviously, there’s no substitute for physical proximity to the AP and the resultant higher signal stgrength.

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