How to connect Peplink BPL 380 with PepwaveMax BR1

Hi Guys,

Appreciate your help.

I am trying to connect 2 site together by using tradisional site to site IPSEC VPN using Peplink BPL380 and PepwaveMAX BR1 3G Mobile Router.

Peplink 380 have static public IP address, but PepwaveMAX BR1 have only dynamic 3G public ip address. I know they can form a Site to Site VPN with IPSEC VPN, but I just not sure how after a few testing I cannot bring up the tunnel.

Appreciate if you can send / share me some guide on this, I need to get the VPN tunnel up before end of August.


Hello Alex,
You need to create a Dynamic DNS account for your BR1 connection. Example: - this will be your BR1 WAN hostname.
So under IPSEC VPN settings, Local ID will be your dynamic DNS FQDN and the Remote ID will be your Balance static IP. Vice versa for the Peplink Balance.
Remember to select Aggressive mode, as one side is dynamic IP address.


okay it is working now…