How to configure Balance 30 in pass-thru/drop in mode

How can I configure a Balance 30 so that it behaves as though it was in ‘drop-in mode’?

All I want it to provide at the moment is a PepVPN between 2 sites…

I thought ‘Drop in mode’ was an automated way to set the settings


Gerry King

Drop-in mode is supported on the Balance 210/310 model and up.

Thanks Ron. I know drop in mode is not available on a Balance 30. My question was how should I configure it to behave like a router in drop-in mode.

Are you referring to Layer 2 PepVPN which allowed 2 sites to have the same layer 2 environment?

I wasn’t. I didn’t know about Layer 2 PepVPN; it sounds perfect for what we need!

We have offices in London(1) and Athens(2) that should be connected by PepVPNs.

I will read the documentation but for now could you confirm that

“bridging both ends of a VPN to create a single Ethernet LAN”

means we should have Athens on and London on

Hi Gerry,

Just to confirm you are looking a method to deploying the B30 into the network without change any existing network configuration ?

Drop in mode network design:

As Ron mention, drop in mode is not supported for B30, thus you can only deploy the device in NAT mode. If you having difficulty to deploy the B30 into the network, possible please provide a simple network diagram for you network and we can advice accordingly.

If you had the B30 deployed into the network then you can start to work with PepVPN connection with the remote peer.

  • Layer 2 PepVPN/SpeedFusion - Both Local & remote network should running in same broadcast domain.
  • Layer 3 PepVPN/SpeedFusion - Routing for the Local & remote network through PepVPN connection.

Thank You