How to Configure a Static Public IP WAN Connection for a VM


On our campus, we have five WAN connections configured on the Peplink Balance 1350. There are three WAN connections are running with static public IP address, its configured from WAN1 to WAN3 and the other two WAN connection are running with dynamic public IP addresses its configured from WAN4 to WAN5.

All of our VM server operating systems use load balancer public IP addresses from WAN1 to WAN5, which means that the availability public IP address for each OS operating system changes frequently.

But now I want to make it so that only the specific VM requires a public IP address for the operating system within range from WAN1 to WAN3, which means it only requires a Static IP interface. I don’t want to get this Vm for the dynamic IP address. how can I make it happen in the Peplink? I changed something in the outbound policy rule, but I still get the Dynamic IP on the server.

Please give a some suggestion on this matter,

Change your outbound policy to enforced if you are wanting it to have the same ip.
You would also have to define a nat mapping for the inbound part on the peplink.

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