How to block google offensive results?

Is there a feature to block Google offensive results on a Balance One?

I don’t think this is possible and also not legally permitted.

You will need to go very deep with HTML code injection based on packet level to get this to work.
I might be wrong, but this could be in violation with the Privacy Act.

Depending on your definition of “offensive” you may want to look at using the OpenDNS Family Shield nameservers.

How would you configure this with a multiwan router?

On the WAN settings page you would use those DNS servers instead.

This would require multiple OpenDNS accounts

Actually you don’t even need an account with them to use their FamilyShield service. Just update the DNS servers:

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Thank you TIM. Is Peplink blocking content service itself using OpenDNS?

No, we are using predefined lists. You can refer back to the post you made in November:


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