How to be notified and monitor which SIM is active? - Monitor

Is there a way to monitor which SIM is active?

Use case is that I have two SIMs - one with unlimited capacity, the other limited to 5GB per month. Fail over works correctly, but when it occurs, I want to know about it so that we can manually limit data usage (e.g. stop using netflix, youtube).

I don’t see this in the App, nor do I see an email alert that can be sent for it, but perhaps I missed it.

Hi @enjoy, welcome to the forum. If you are using InControl 2 you can try to enable email WAN Up / Down, SIM Card Switch Over and even SIM Card Insertion / Removal notifications to check it this kind of reporting would work for you. Email notifications can be found in Group level Settings > Notifications section.

Thank you, this is helpful… And I have set it up. It would be useful along with the UP/Down message, to carry along some additional metadata. For instance, for a Wifi WAN connection, listing the current SSID, so we know which connection failed.

Otherwise, this helped out.