How to add Names column to built-in usage reporting


Hey all,
I’m currently using a single Pepwave MAX Transit to manage data usage on a yacht and in the built-in dashboard has a section under Status>Usage Reports>Daily which I use to keep track of data usage for both crew members and charter guests. This might be a feature request as I’m not sure if it’s possible but I would like to see a column with the user-friendly “names” like those shown in the Status>Client List in the daily usage report which only shows IP addresses of users. Essentially I am constantly clicking back and forth between the Daily and the Client List pages to figure out who it was that’s consumed such-and-such amount of data.

I know that inControl2 does have the “top clients by usage” page which does show the users “Name” rather than just their IP address but I was hoping that there was some way to add a Name column to the Status>Usage Reports tables in the built-in dashboard hosted on the Pepwave itself. This is valuable to us as we are often using very expensive satellite data ($150/GB) so every MB counts and I’d prefer to do as much as I can with the tools built into the Pepwave unit. If it isn’t possible then I’d like to make a feature request.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!


This is a feature request. I will move this thread to feature request.


I second this feature request by @heylaerz. I have a monthly data cap through Comcast Xfinity and need to monitor which devices on my network are using the most bandwidth. Among all the home automation, entertainment, computer, mobile devices, etc. devices, there are easily 50+ devices on my network and growing. Looking at MAC addresses and having to keep my own lookup table in an excel spreadsheet to figure out which device is which is tedious.

Being able to show the “hostname” or to record a “friendly” human readable name such as Tom’s laptop, Sally’s iPad, Joe’s iPhone per MAC address would make it much easier to read the reports and figure out who is using up bandwidth.

Example of desired usage reporting format: