How often does Dynamic DNS settings update on Balance One?

I have dual WAN setup on a Balance One. On each WAN I have set up dynamic dns. Today I noticed that I had an old dns updater client still running on a machine that resulted in some problems, so I disabled that desktop client and waited for the Balance One dns updater to kick in.

It didn’t, so I thought I would speed things along by (1) disabling the dynamic dns on the WAN, (2) saving/applying those changes, and (3) re-enabling the dynamic dns settings and (4) saving/applying those changes.

From the event log, the Balance One has not updated the dynamic dns setting for this particular WAN. Does it require a full-reboot? If not, how long does it take to update?


It does not require a full reboot. Internally tested and upon disabling a WAN connection and re-enabling it again it took 6 seconds to update DDNS per the event log. Do both WANs have unique host names?

Both WANs have unique host names:

WAN2: and

I did not disable and re-enable the WAN; I just disabled then re-enabled the dynamic dns settings on WAN2 to try and force the update that way.

I went ahead and fixed this by using the desktop client, but understanding how this works in the future is helpful.

Hi Cyclops,

Balance One will updates DDNS in condition below:-

  1. System rebooted.

  2. WAN interface up/down.

  3. IP changed on WAN interface.

  4. Configure DDNS on WAN interface.

Thanks for the details.

It doesn’t seem that #4 worked for me. I disabled DDNS on the WAN, saved/applied the changes, then re-enabled DDNS.


May I know what version we are using? I am tested with v6.2b03.

I’m only using production firmware: 6.1.2 build 1597.

Hi Cyclops,

I also tested on v6.1.2 build 1597 without issue. Please open ticket for us to check further.