How much is the average time that takes the UBR-LTE-US-T-PRM router to turn on?

I have the router Pepwave UBR LTE and it takes 3 minutes 25 seconds to turn on, is this time normal? or there is anything that can I do to reduce this time?

Check the logs on the device for the timeslot because it should turn on faster than that, but 4 mins to power up and get online is average for a Peplink cellular device. You can reduce the number of health check retries on your WANs or if you only have one in use, disable health checks completely to speed up the ‘online’ bit. Very little else to do to speed things up…


Hi Martin, thank you for answering me.
When you said to reduce the number of health checks, it means to disable the option that I am selecting in the image.

Thanks again.

When the UBR boots, it will test the health of the active WAN links. In your case above its doing a DNS lookup. That DNS lookup will likely fail as it will take a moment for the WAN to get an IP address. So it will be marked as red / unhealthy.

The UBR will then test that WAN repeatedly. In your case, every 5 secs it will run another DNS lookup until that works. Then you have Recovery Retries set to 3, so it will wait 5 secs and test again and then wait 5 secs and test again.

If you are only using a single WAN link you can disable the health check entirely. If you are using multiple WANs and failover over traffic between them you will want to leave health check enabled but should reduce the recovery retries to speed up the time from power on to online.


Thank you Martin it was very useful