How does vlan works on balance 380 and above model?

Please help i’m having some difficulties on assigning vlan’s every POC that we made, when i try to make vlan’s through configurable switch the vlan’s i created in the peplink wont appear on the switch that i assign please help or please improve or may a knowledgebase regarding it, because when i search in the google configurable vlan’s are only applicable to lower models like 210,310 and other lower models ,the question is what if i have a 100’s of vlan how would i make it work? thanks in advance


Can you please provide detail info what you want to achieve using the VLANs settings for B380 ?

Normally trunk port will be use between the LAN switch and the B380 LAN interface.

Internet <–> B380 LAN (VLANs settings) <–Trunk ANY –> Switches (Defined Layer 2 VLANs) <–> LAN devices

Thank You

It is now working well i just updated the firmware to 6.3.3 and it is now working well. Many thanks peplink