How does SpeedFusion manage sites that block VPNs?

I use Speedify today and am looking to move to using SpeedFusion. As such, I have a question:

One issue I have today with Speedify is that it sets up a VPN for bonding and a growing number of sites block access if a VPN is used. As such, we need to turn on/off Speedify often per device, often while doing a financial transaction. Speedify has a way to bypass certain sites but it’s awkward and difficult to determine the actual server address causing the issue.

My understanding is that Speedfusion also has to set up a VPN for bonding, smoothing, etc. Is that true? If so, how do they deal with this issue? Can it be turned off temporarily for a device? Or do they have an easy way to determine which sites are blocking due to VPN and offer an easy way to bypass?



SpeedFusion Connect is a marvelous tool but you are likely to find the same results. Many sites block access vis ASNs and/or IP address ranges. The addresses of data centers, and thus VPN/SpeedFusion endpoints are fairly well known.

We have two easy ways to deal with this issue – this assumes you really need to use a VPN, of course. One is to simply construct a SpeedFusion tunnel to another location where a Peplink router is installed. The second is to use a SpeedFusion Relay device and place it behind a non-Peplink router.

Then, it’s a simple matter to use your router’s built-in policy feature to determine what outbound sessions go where. Easy, really. :smiley: