How do these work

Thinking of the max transit 18 with a poynting antenna. Ater attaching the antenna to the 4 celluar and 2 wifi ports, how does it transmit the signals inside of an RV

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If you’re lucky its similar to having a wifi access point in a bedroom upstairs in your home and still having wifi coverage downstairs because the signal propagates through the ceiling /floor. And just like a home, if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to add an access point on the LAN of the Transit too.

In fact, many people leave the wifi radios in the Transit that are connected to roof mount antennas as being just to connect to campsite and public wifi service, as when they are doing both the WiFi WAN job whilst also providing wifi to laptops and tablets throughput is affected as RF time is shared.

Thanks, So it uses the antenna on the roof to transmit and receive. The problem I have is cellular and wifi bounce off the airstream, aluminum skin.

So you’ll want a wifi ap internally. The AP One AC Mini is small and powerful and would do the job well.

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Thank you… You have been most helpful