How do I view PepVPN connection logs?

I’m using inControl2 to create a VPN between 2 sites which I’ve done countless times before. I just got the HD4 and I can’t get it to work at all. It just says “Starting…” forever on the VPN status, then “Authenticating…” and then “Creating tunnels…” and then back to “Starting…” and has been doing that for over an hour. When you press Status it shows nothing and when you go to Event Log it provides nothing useful, just “Configuration was updated by incontrol.” How can I troubleshoot the connection?

Edit: It has been 90 minutes, it still says “Starting…”. I’ve clicked every single menu option in the router interface, I don’t see a single place where it gives me a log or explains why it won’t connect. If it exists it sure is hidden.

Hi Liam,

Under “Status”->“Event Log” you should be able to see the device event log, which should give you a bit more insight.
In your case, I’m going to suspect a PSK mismatch between the devices is causing the tunnel handshake to fail, but that’s just a first guess.

If you’re still seeing the issue, please open a support ticket at with the device S/N and I’ll take a look at it.


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