How do I set it to use WAN1 as primary, but LTE just for hot fail over on HD4?

Hi all,

I have fibre connected to WAN1 on my HD4 and I have a single LTE SIM connected at the moment. I have FusionHub in our data centre, so I want to route for now all traffic over the VPN to test hot failover on VoIP, then eventually just voice traffic.

By default it had 2 WAN connections as Priority 1, with the cellular as Priority 2. Doing that would always put the cellular as Standby, so failover wouldn’t work. I moved the cellular up to Priority 1 which keeps it active, then in Outbound Policy I set to send all traffic to the VPN. The problem is it’s clearly just bonding both connections and routing traffic over both links. I don’t want the LTE to be used at all, just if there’s a failure. The latency on the LTE is 55ms vs 4 on fibre, so you can clearly tell when it is using LTE as the calls sound like total garbage.

Just confused because even if I set all traffic to use the local internet, but set the IP for the PBX to use the VPN, I feel like it still will be routing over the fibre and the LTE, vs just the fibre and using the LTE for hot fail over.

You tell SpeedFusion which WANs to use in the bottom of the SpeedFusion Profile settings page under WAN Connection Priority.

Once I’ve done that, I tend to set up set up an outbound rule to enforce all other outbound traffic via WAN1 so that the cellular is not used for anything but speedfusion and then only if WAN 1 is down.

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Great thanks, I think I almost have it now.

I set all my VoIP traffic to use outbound priority of the VPN, with all normal internet traffic using WAN1. That works, as when I view the SpeedFusion status and then do a speedtest, it always stays < 1kbps, but if I make a voice call, it goes right up. So my outbound routes work which are good.

If I set SpeedFusion though to use WAN1 and CELL1 both as highest priorty 1, it basically bonds them together and seems to send all voice traffic equally over both connections. If I unplug WAN1, there’s basically no delay switching to cell, and same with going back.

If I set WAN1 to priority 1, and then set CELL1 to priority 2, it works the same as above, but if I disconnect WAN1, there’s a 6-8 second delay where there’s no voice at all, but the call is still active, before the LTE comes on and takes over. If I reconnect WAN1, it comes back immediately.

The first scenario is our ideal, where there’s no interruption to the call at all. But does that mean I have to have the LTE be used just as much as the fibre? The preference is to have the fibre always primary and active but the LTE right there at the ready to instantly take over, but only if WAN1 is down. 6-8 seconds of silence is not the end of the world, as I assume if WAN2 was cable/dsl instead of cellular it would be a non issue. But want to make sure I’m understanding this. Thanks again!