How do I enable Policy section of PepVPN profile window?

The fella from Pep remote controlled my UBR-LTE and changed the policy to “overflow”. After I changed it back to “bonding” I’ve found that the entire section where the policy can be selected is now gone.
I can’t seem to figure out where/how to re-enable that section!

Anyone know?

Hi @warren1, to enable overflow algorithm again edit your device URL from index.cgi to support.cgi then press to configure button near “PepVPN Traffic Distribution Mode”. After pressing this button you will be redirected to PepVPN/SpeedFusion tab. By pressing on any of your tunnel profiles you should see “Traffic Distribution” section which contains overflow algorithm. I hope this helps.

That worked!
But why is it so buried?
Will this be fixed in the next firmware?


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@warren1 the feature is already implemented. Just these steps need to be done to enable it. With the next firmware the same procedure would have to be taken.

When I asked if it will be fixed I was suggesting that the policy section disappears because of an unintentional software bug. It doesn’t make sense to me that this (or any “features”) would be purposely hidden in this way from the administrator of the device. There aren’t even instructions under the question marks about how to re-enable it.

But you’re saying that this “feature” is purposely hidden from the user.
I’m curious why.
Perhaps there’s something here that I’m not understanding.