How do I access an AP on a VLAN 1 from VLAN 2?

Hi everyone

new to networking…

Ok here’s my setup

peplink soho
LAN1 say at 192.168.1.x PC attached to this LAN at
VLAN 1 say and an AP connected at

I would like the PC on to access the AP at to manage it (upgrade firmware when necessary)

I use the internal network firewall rules to allow any access from to

Here’s the screenshot

After all this If I point my browser to it just times out. Any ideas?


The rule shown allows traffic from to, you also need another rule that lets it come back from to

Once you’ve done that it should work.

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Thanks for the Tip Martin.

I tried your suggestion and it didn’t work. ping timed out. I must be doing something else wrong. I don’t have to reboot the router do i? I did “Apply Changes”

Do you have “Inter-VLAN routing” enabled?

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That did the trick - thanks steve. I had it enabled on one VLAN not the other

Glad to help. Cheers!

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