How can I see a continuously updating signal strength to position antennas properly?

I have a MAX Transit Cat 18. Maybe I’m just missing something but I can’t see a way to see continuously updating signal strength so I can easily position my antennas.

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Agreed. That functionality is very important when trying to position antennas. I’ll suggest another approach which may help. If you click on the signal icon as shown in the screen cap which follows you’ll get a frequently-updated signal indicator – maybe 1X/second or so. [The following is from a BR1 …]

Is that helpful?


I will take what I can get. Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

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Let me turn this into a feature request [and I’ve adjusted the category accordingly] …
In a LTEA situation it would be helpful if the drop-down box as shown in my screen cap above were to include all connections rather than just the primary band. This information is already present on the page that @matt1237 has shown. Seems it should not be too much work to show it to us in near real-time. Could this be done?


I want to thank you for pointing this out. I wasn’t aware that I could see a frequent update by clicking on the icon. This would have saved me hours of alignment - my bad.

That would definitely be a welcome feature and give this a +1 for sure. Alignment is huge as we don’t always have the luxury of being on site for these routers to keep tweaking position repeatedly to get optimum results on both primary and secondary bands. Of course it would be good to also provide info on exactly what band the signal info is for even if it’s just this one band and especially if there were two or more.

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