How can i make Lan ports of my peplink Balance 1350 a other subnetwork? or should i say virtual router

Please help on this:(

Hi macktravolta,

You would setup a VLAN and associate the VLAN to that LAN port. Please see detailed information describing this process here.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions related to this.

Thank you macktravolta,
The Peplink Team

but i’m afraid sir jeffrey its the same problem as mine the link you have shared only supports lower models of peplink balance:( is there anyway higher model can do something like that like balance 1350? or 380? thanks more powers to peplink

Port based VLAN on the 305 and above is a feature request in our roadmap, no ETA yet. In the meantime you would need to create an 802.1q VLAN and use a configurable switch. Thanks.

Hi macktravolta & mohammadkhan,

Until this functionality is introduced, I would recommend utilizing VLANs and then associating the devices you want on a respective VLAN with a DHCP reservation. The DHCP server will then provide the proper IP from the DHCP pool configured and associated with the respective VLAN you want those devices riding on.

For example, when one of your VoIP phones comes up and requests an IP, the DHCP server will note the MAC address of that device and provide the reserved IP for it which will be configured within the respective VLAN. From this point you can manipulate traffic accordingly. Without port based VLAN functionality every LAN port behaves as a trunk port, carrying all VLANs. Distributing IPs with associated DHCP reservations will ensure the devices you want associated with a specific network/subnet receive the desired DHCP information.

I hope this helps, please feel free to ask if you have additional questions.