How about certifying IPSEC to work with vCloud Edge Gateway?

Since there’s no version of the Peplink software capable of running on ESX (at least, none released at the moment), this is pretty important for those of us with hosted virtualization.

This is something we’d be willing to contribute funding for, by the way.

As well as a test IPsec tunnel to a vCloud environment :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind offer, Ryan. I know some customers are doing IPsec with their Peplink to other UTM/firewall/gateways of a number of other vendors and they work just fine. Have we tried using Peplink to do IPsec to your vCloud Edge Gateway? It might just work right away.

The reason we certify only Cisco and Juniper device is that there are many many implementations of IPsec - we cannot quite possibly support them all.

Hi Kurt! Yes, we’re using it now and it’s 99% of the way there, but the tunnel still drops every couple of days and doesn’t come back up until we turn it off and turn it back on again. It’s solid otherwise!

Ahh, sorry I should be clear: It stops passing TRAFFIC although the peplink still thinks the tunnel is up. Disable the tunnel, enable the tunnel and away you go w/out issue (until it happens again)

Yes we will take a look at this. Ryan. I believe you have this setup in your production environment? If you can provide us remote access to your Balance, we will look at the logs and see what we can do from there, alright? We will help where we can.

Please go ahead and open a support ticket with us.

Thanks Kurt!

I’ll do that right now!