Hot Standby request


We would like to have the possibility to have a Hot Stanby WAN connection instead of a Cold Standby. This will help in a lot of ways such as:
a) Ability to monitor the health status of the line
b) Ability to have a Speedfusion already established.



Our products already have such ability. May I know which model you are referring to?


I have 210, 310, 380. Please advice



You can configure both links to “always on” and add an Outbound Policy with Priority algorithm. You may find the link below for Outbound Load Balancing Algorithm.



With L2 Speedfusion any Outbound Policy does not work. Please confirm



Outbound Policy is used to distribute the outbound traffics, not for path selection within L2 SpeedFusion.

Hope this help.


Any other suggestion for Hot Standby?