Higher powered wifi radios

Are any Peplink products that do WiFi as WAN receiving updated WiFi radio hardware with higher powered radios? Do all Peplink products use the same wifi radio / or have radios that are at the same power level? I am finding my phone has a slightly higher powered WiFi radio and can do a better job picking up WiFi signal at times than my MK2 which even has an external antenna mounted. I have been reading that some have had to get a Ubiquiti bullet or Mikrotik higher powered WiFi APs to use as WiFi as WAN on the WAN port because of the lower power of the built-in Peplink WiFi. Can someone from Peplink please shed some light? Is there a chart that breaks down WiFi radio specs by Peplink model with power levels (dB) listed. Thank you.

Please refer to this link and search for Transmit Power:

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