High CPU load when rsyncing data via dyndns hostname


I have a Peplink Balance 30. I’ve set up dyndns for our dynamic IPs so that one of my servers can be externally accessible.

When I’m on the internal network and use the dyndns hostname xxx.dyndns.org to rsync to that server, the CPU load hits 100% and hangs the router.

This works: rsync -av . [email protected]:~/.
This doesn’t work: rsync -av . [email protected]:~/.

This indicates to me that somehow the router is not noticing that the server is actually internal, it seems to looping the file transfer through it. At about 25mb/s it kills the router.

Please advise what you suggest I should do. I’m not sure I can prevent people using the external hostname while inside our network.


Try creating a local DNS record for the dyndns address and map it to the local IP, this is on the LAN setup page: