High Availability for DNS Name Servers


We have our two primary DNS servers on our PepLink 210 WAN Router. We wouuld like to find a way to make those two DNS name servers the ones that are connected first and if those go down, then and only then we would like DNS lookups to come to a third/forth Name server. This is in case the power goes down in our building for an extended amount of time.

We have External Websites and virtual servers that we would not want to lose the ability to have folks reach in the event of a disaster in our building.

Is there a way to do that with Zone Edit or Networko Solutions or some other DNS Server provider as a backup?

If so, is there a way to do a xone transfer into the new DNS name servers servers we don’t have to start from scratch…?

Please advise…

Dale Allen

You can use a 3rd party authoritative DNS server (such as Bind) and setup NS3 in domain registrar of your domain. In the 3rd party authoritative DNS, configure zone transfer to obtain the DNS records from Peplink Balance. In this scenario, NS3 will be used as backup purpose if Peplink Balance 210 unavailable.