Help with Speed loss

I bought a Inseego M2000 part of the new T-Mobile 100GB monthly plan.
I have a MAx BR1. I am on the new 8.1.1 firmware.
I have the T-Mobile hotspot setup as a wifi connection through my router.
When I connect my laptop directly to the hotspot, I get 10-15 Mbps
When I connect my laptop to my BR1 router with the hotspot connected as the wife I only pull 1 Mbps.
Is there an adjustment I can make in the router. Not sure why I am losing so much speed just passing thru the router.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Are you connecting your laptop to the BR1 via wired LAN or Wifi? Which MAX BR1 model do you have?

Connecting through wifi.
Model is Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini

Suggest you check what speeds you get when directly wired to your BR1 so that the wifi radio is just doing wifi wan to the M2000

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