Help with proper deployment balance 20

I work at a hotel that will be deploying a balance 20 into our existing network. The current setup consists of 1 DOCis 3.0 commercial modem. From this modem it goes to a linksys router. This router has a static ip assigned to it. From this router there is a line running to an hp msm720 access controller which has a static ip assigned to it, and from that to a poe switch and then out to 8 ruckus ap’s throughout the building and this makes up the guest network. The other line going from the linksys router goes to the front of the house network and is on a different static ip in order to keep the guest network and our front of the house network separate. A new cable modem from the same isp will be installed. What I need to do is run the line that is currently going from the linksys to the hp msm720 access controller, and run it from the linksys to wan1 of the peplink, and then use a lan port on the peplink to go to the hp msm720 access controller . The second modem will go to wan2 and will also be for the guest network. Nat is turned off on the linksys. The linksys and the hp gateway are set up correctly and can not have the settings touched. Nat can not be used with the wireless guest network.

the router’s ip ends in 225, the hp msm720 access controller ip ends in 226 which is the first available in the block for this network. the subnets are the same on the linksys and the hp msm720 access controller. The gateway address ends in 225 thus pointing back to the router and thus the internet. I can not use nat on the balance 20. How would I set this up? The linksys has to be between the modem and the peplink thus I need the peplink to see the internet connection coming from the linksys.


Can you provide network diagram for better understanding?

Thank you.

I have 3 more static ip’s I can assign if the peplink needs one for this type of deployment. linksys static ends in .225 and msm720 static ip ends in .226 which is the first available ip after assigning 225 to the linksys.

Both modems are identical models and from the same isp and each one is 50Mbps down and 5Mbps up. The new modem is being installed in about 12 hours from now.

It looks like you need the drop-in mode feature that is available on the Balance 210 and up, but not on the Balance 20.

Are you happy with the current separation of staff vs guest? Then just remove the linksys and insert the Peplink. Use the existing static public IP for WAN 1 and new modem static on WAN 2. Then use same subnet for LAN side as linksys had, and finished.