Help with PepLink device selection for IoT device remotely access (VPN)


I need some help selecting a PepLink device(s) for an IoT (internet of things) Advanced Energy Metering Project.

The device is an Eaton PXM2290 Energy Meter that has a built in web interface (this is what I want to access remotely). Much like the Peplink products I can set the IP of the meter to any range, subnet that I want.

Challenge is I have these installed at client locations and because they are not on the client wireless or local network (if a network) I need to drive hours to the site to access the web interface on the meters.

The client sites have either cellular coverage (4G LTE Verizon & ATT) or a client WiFi SSID with internet access that I have permissions to access.

I’d like to either use a AP Rugged One or Max BR1 (depending on if the client site has WiFi with internet or exclusively cellular) and the remove Peplink device connected by using one of their LAN ports to the meter.

Then I want to be able to VPN into that remote Peplink device and access the meters web interface.

Sorry for any stupid questions…I am a electrical and facility guy not an IT guy :slight_smile:

I was thinking that if I had a Balance 20 at my home office I could VPN to the aforementioned Peplink devices (AP rugged one or Max BR1)?

Do I need a state IP on either end (I hope not because that is pricey) to make this function?


You could do what you want with a balance 20 at your home office. Just have the remote sites connect to it via PEPVPN connection and set a unique subnet at each location.

Send me a PM if you want us to work with you to set the entire infrastructure up. Depending on the number of sites you might need something larger then the number of pepvpn’s possible on a balance20.

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Thanks, any need for static IPs at either end???

You will need an internet routable ip somewhere, for this I’d likely have the static ip at the balance 20 end.
If you don’t have a static ip , but it’s at least Internet routable then you could use DDNS on the B20end.
Another alternative is to have a datacenter /AWS with the static and route both sites the far end cellular and the B20 through it.
We have Verizon cellular accounts with static ip and we also have several datacenters with static ip.

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Hello John (@jhajduk),
There are many Peplink Partners with extensive experince in helping organisations deploy solutions as what you are discriping, you may be able to get some ideas from the Peplink Forum Design Lab.

We suggest that you contact your local Authorised Peplink Partner for specialised assistance.

Your local Certified Peplink Partner can help you with detailed guidance and has access to other resources that are only available to the Peplink Partners so to ensure that you get helped in working through to the best solution to your application.

Hapy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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