Help! Peplink 710

Hi all,
I need your help!
I have a peplink device 710 (BPL-710) using firmware 7.0.1 build 2094.
The device use two ISP providers difference (ISP A and ISP B), I created one outbound policy enforced for ISP A form source address (IP x.x.x.x) but tranport for ISP B.

  1. Can you share the screenshot defined outbound policy ?
  2. How you verify the traffic is send to ISP B ?

  1. I verify on tab status/Active Session → I see Outbound interface ISP B

Do you have other outbound policy on top of this policy that possible overwrite the precedence ?

If not, please open a support ticket here for support team to check.


  • I haved this policy of host (IP:X.X.X.X) on top in Outbound Policy

    Host X.X.X.X outbound enforced via VNPT to with any protocol.

But I check on tab Status/Active Sessions via forward VIETTEL

When I disconnect interface VIETTEL is forward to VNPT

I need your help! Tks so much

Please find the screenshot below. Please route your IPsec traffic to the preferred WAN or disable IPSec NAT-T.

Thanks so much
My problem has been resolved.

How to recover the configuration file of the 580 peplink device to the 710 peplink device and vice versa?

Hi @nguyen_thu290390,

Converting a Peplink Balance configuration to another model can only be done by a Peplink partner.
You can best contact the company where you have bought the Peplink Balance.