network is down

Can some one help, i’ve all my network configured with SpeedFusion and it’s unstable and it’s degrading my network.
I already open a ticket on support but it seem they are not working at this time.


Support team is working on your support ticket. Please work closely with support ticket and provide the requested info in-order support team can assist you further.

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I didn’t receive any reply from support since yesterday at 5PM.

I really need some one working with me on this issue asap, all my 50 location on Europe are stoped.

Hello @Adelio_Moreira1,
Can I recommend you also consider getting a local specialist to help you, you can find a Peplink Certified Partner at, there are also several Peplink Specialist here in the forum from Europe, you might like to ask @MartinLangmaid or @Joey_van_der_Gaag, for help if they are local to you.
Pick someone who is local to where your core system is.
I know that the Peplink team are busy doing there best to help all enquiries.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi Adelio,

could you maybe tell us what you are doing with speedfusion?
are you bonding or loadbalancing ? how manny WAN’s are you using ect?
so we can get a more clear picture about what might be causing the problem.

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The SF is set up as Mesh VPN bounding two WAN connection. Each location the Firewall “speak” OSPF with PepLink and redistribute local networks on SF.
On main core datacenter is routing convergency where routes coming from SF are redistributed on one MPLS cloud and vice versa.

thank for your reply,



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hey Adelio,

To see if i can maybe think of an sollution for you could you aswer the following questions?

what peplink devices are you using with speedfusion ?
what does each individual device reach in terms of speed?
what WAN type are you using Copper/ADSL/Fiber/Cellulair ?
what is the bonded speed of the lines combined?

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