Help me with my topology?

hi support,
can you give me ?
This is my topology

Can configure HA with two diffirent ISP ?
if can, how many ip public need per line internet ?


Your topology looks good for HA. Only one unit is active at a time so only one public IP per ISP is needed when using HA. The backup unit will take over the IPs when failing over. You can look at an example configuration here in our knowledgebase.


“one public IP per ISP is needed when using HA” ???
I don’t think so ?
Can you give me ip plan for wan 1, wan 2 on two peplink units ?

The WAN IP configuration is no different than a single unit without HA. No additional WAN IPs are needed.

The only additional IPs would be needed on LAN side which uses VRRP.


Hi Jonan,
How i can assign IP for WAN1 and WAN2 on each Peplink units,
give me example assign ip for them.
Thank alot !

The slave device will copy the configuration of the master unit. If this is a NAT mode deployment, the same public IP addresses are used by the slave if the slave takes over.

That mean, i will need configure the master unint only, after that slaeve will auto copy the configuration of the master unit.
But i don’t understand, how i can assign ip for wan interface.
in the HA mode, the Peplink support PPPoE ?

Peplink supports PPPoE and HA mode can work with PPPoE, I assume your PPPoE has static IP. In this situation, normally, the IP will be assigned by ISP. If you have multiple public IP address on PPPoE, you can assign those public IP in “Additional Public IP Settings” inside WAN Interface settings

one PPPoE with one ISP.
ftth1 —>ISP1
ftth2 —>ISP2

So i will configure ftth1 account to wan1, ftth2 account to wan2 on the master unit.
anh i will configure same on the slave unit ? (That mean ftth1 - wan 1, ftth2 – wan2 on the slave ?)

Thank you so much !


Once you have configured the PPoE information and applied the changed on the Master unit all you will have to do then is a config sync for them to be copied to the Slave.

1.Click and choose Slave as the Preferred Role on the Non-Master device
2.Check the box to enable the Configuration Sync. feature.
3.Enter the serial number of the master unit.
4.Before apply changes, it is required to change the LAN IP address and set it as a different one from Master unit. Go to Network > LAN of the Slave unit and change LAN IP address.
5.Click Save and then Apply Changes to activate settings.

Once this is done the config on the Master will be mirrored/copied to the Slave unit automatically for you without having to manually input the information into the Slave unit.